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Bath & Beauty Labels

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Bath & Beauty Labels

The bath and beauty labels are those kind of labels which are used on batching and beauty cosmetics. The bathing items like shampoo, toothpaste, soap etc are labeled by using these labels. The cosmetic products like lotions, aftershave and skincare creams are also labeled from these.

The bathing and cosmetic labels can be printed from different materials including paper and vinyl. The paper material is the simplest material which is selected by a lot of manufacturers to labels their products. The vinyl material is also used by manufacturers who want their products to be detailed with waterproof labels. The vinyl printed bathing labels are also transparent giving your labels a beautiful and unique look.

You can select from a wide-range of shapes for the printing of bathing and beauty labels where you can choose shapes like rectangle, round, square and oval ones. The custom bath labels can be printed which will allow you to have them printed with any kind of text on them. The die-cut ones ensure that your desired shape is printed according to your specifications.

The labels printed by us can further be customized by selecting from options like emboss or stamp to give them physical uniqueness. You can also select options like gold or silver foiling to give your labels a shine.

All the labels printed by us come with pre-added adhesive on their back which means the labels are ready for use and you can start adding them to your bath & beauty products right away.

The bath & beauty labels can be printed from us at cheap rates without compromising the printing and material quality. You can also have your labels shipped free of cost to any location in the United Kingdom.

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