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Paper Labels

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Paper Labels

The paper labels, as the name suggests are printed from paper material. High quality paper is used in the printing of these labels which makes them look simple yet attractive.

The paper printed labels can be used on different products like toys, stationary and even boxes where they will look classic without taking a lot of attention.

The paper based labels can be printed in different shapes where standard shapes like square, rectangle, oval and circle are available. But, if you are looking for some kind of special shapes then the die-cut option will be suitable and if you want to get any kind of text printed then, the custom option can be used.

You can also choose to get the paper material of labels embossed or stamped to personalize them even more while the foiling can be done in gold or silver to add shine. You can also choose to have your paper printed labels protected with a thin layer of plastic by choosing the UV coating.

All the labels printed from come with pre-glued back which means you can start using right away once you have received the order. You can also choose not to get the labels glued which will give the option to add glue later.

We offer cheap rates for the printing of paper labels without compromising the quality. You can also choose to have your labels shipped free of cost to your doorsteps.

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