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Warning labels

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Warning Labels

Warning windows are typically affixed on the places or the objects to warn against the different type of dangers and to keep the viewer away from the different risky environment. Typically, the purpose of the warning based labels is to keep away from the dangerous working conditions, electric risks, nearing traffic obstacles on roads, safety conditions for the children, warning to keep the children away, from any dangerous animal, any enemy, on the children toys as precautionary measure, any sensitive or delicate product, medicines, about the expiry date, food products, care during the use of products of industrial or domestic use and soon.

Six labels, offered and printed by the are; rectangular, square, oval, round, custom and Die-Cut and can be ordered to get the printing in any size, color or shape, as required or desired by the customer.

Warning labels are printed on a wide variety of paper but depending upon the specific usage of the label. If the labels are to be used outdoor, to be used on transparent objects or to be seen from a distance or to be affixed permanently or temporarily; the different material is typically used. Normally, the paper of different quality (glazed, laminated or superfine), cardboard, UV coated and clear transparent / while Vinyl plastic is used. For permanent labels, the metallic material is highly recommended.

Similarly, the images and text are printed with differing quality full, bright, sharp, glowing, shining or eye-catching colors are applied while, for some types of labels, CMYK basic colors are desirable and required. Embossing, stamping during the printing or printing on Gold / Silver foiled material is not used generally.

After the printing of the cheap and quality warning labels, the consignment is shipped, free, to the customer within the United Kingdom, regardless of the size.

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