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Metallic Gold Labels

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Metallic Gold Labels

Metallic Gold labels are used for the high-priced and high-cost products which need a sense of longevity and almost permanence. The metallic labels are made, either of Gold foiled material, are made with any metal & printed with golden color or are carved with Gold foiled material and pasted on any metallic surface. Metal Gold labels can be affixed indoor or outdoor, to denote some famous brand. Gold labels are particularly used for the Gold jewelry items, for the fabric of very high-class quality, the luxury items, for the very famous and expensive brands of alcohol and so on. offers the six different styles and designs of labels which are; oval, round, square, rectangular, Die-Cut or custom. We offer to get the labels printed in any shape, any color or any size, depending upon the Marketing plan of the company for the specific product.

As the name suggest, the metallic Gold labels are typically printed, primarily, on the Gold foiled material which is resistant to the rusting, moist & rainy environment or other harsh weather condition, such as, winter, snow or heat.

As per the Marketing plan, the images and text are printed with a high-quality combination of colors to suit on the Gold foiled material. The full, rich, high intensity, bright, sharp, lively or vibrant colors are used for the printing on Golf foiled labels. The embossing or stamping is also a desired type of process which is high in demand as they leave a sense of refinement and beauty.

After the printing of very high-quality labels yet as cheap as possible, the free shipment is made within the United Kingdom, regardless of the size and weight of the consignment.     

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