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Resin Domed Labels

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Resin Domed Labels

Resin Domed labels are a very popular and special type of labels, which are specifically popular among the children and are used widely and globally for the baby toys, children garments, school books, notebooks and other products to be used for the children and babies. The day care centers, play groups, nursery schools, junior schools, parents of small children or the teachers of toddlers; all apply them widely during the education and learning process. 

To make material for the Resin based labels, tough yet flexible glue type hardening substance which is legally safe is injected below the surface of the label to make bubble and droplets like material. After 24 hours, the material is dried and the labels are ready to be shipped. offers six different styles, types and designs of resin printed-labels which are, square, oval, round, Die-Cut, custom and rectangular and which can be printed in any size, any shape or any color, depending upon the requirements of the customer.

For the printing of the resin labels, a special type of material is used which has a very strong lower surface; either made with glazed or laminated paper. Otherwise, the domed labels can be printed on UV coated material or the clear transparent / white very strong yet less thick Vinyl plastic to sustain the special treatment.

Images and colors, used for the printing of the resin domed labels are typically those which are applied globally for the printing of the material for the children and babies. Eye-catching, lively, very bright, glowing and shining full colors are the norm and wide standard of children market where embossed and stamped material is also commonly used for the purpose. For printing of some labels for the very high-priced labels, the Gold / Silver foiled material can also be applied to print the labels.

Cheap and quality labels are shipped, free, to the customer within the United Kingdom, regardless of the size and weight of the consignment.               

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