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Letterpress Printed Labels

Letterpress Printed Labels

Letterpress is an old yet still widely applied technology with which the letters are punched in such a way with a force to leave a stamped impression on the material in use. Letterpress printed labels have been and are still very popular despite 100 years old technology. The letterpress printed labels are popular due to its extremely high quality in image reproduction. Some of the traditional printers apply the letterpress printing technique for the printing of the screen printing screens. applies the old-fashioned 1960s Heidelberg technological process by applying the Pantone colors and are printed for the people who know the value of prestige. Six different styles and designs, offered by us are; oval, round, rectangular, square, custom and Die-Cut and can be printed in any color, in any size and in any shape, depending upon the marketing plan and mix of the ordering customer.

The labels printed with letterpress are particularly printed on the hard and thick materials, including, thick paper, hard cardboard and UV coated thick materials. Some of the decals labels can also be printed by applying the letterpress printing techniques and with thick Vinyl and PVC plastic. Letterpress labels are very popular with the metals, especially the Gold / Silver foiled materials where very high quality images and text can be inscribed.

The best combination of full, bright, sharp, colors with high resolutions and eye-catching sober colors are exceptionally popular but some of the CMYK basic colors are also applied for printing. 

After printing of the cheapest possible labels, the consignment is shipped, free, within the United Kingdom, regardless of the size or weight of it.

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