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The vinyl labels are like regular labels but, they are printed from vinyl material instead of the regular paper and PVC material. The vinyl-based labels are useful when you want to have your items labeled without losing their beauty. The vinyl printed labels can be used on glass tables, windows, doors and even on items where you want to provide a see-through effect.

The labels printed from vinyl material not only provide transparency but, they also have waterproofing capabilities which make them ideal for use in different wet conditions.

We choose the best quality vinyl material for the print of labels which means that no pigments or defects are shown in the final product. The premium quality material ensures that your labels are 100% transparent.

The vinyl printed labels can be printed in different shapes where custom allows to have any kind of text printed on the labels while the die-cut option makes sure that all your labels are printed in your ideal shape. You can also select from standard shapes like square, rectangle, circle and oval ones.

Our customers can choose to have their labels printed with glues on their back which will make them ready for use out of the box.

You can consult our team of designers who are always ready to help our customers without charging any cost. The designers work closely with the client to make sure that their idea and wanted shape and design are selected for the printing of the vinyl labels. The design is not sent for printing until it is finalized by you.

Labelprintingco.co.uk offer cheap rated printing services without any compromise on the quality and our attractive packages ensure that your needs are fulfilled. We also offer free shipping on all the printed labels to your doorsteps in the United Kingdom.

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