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Canning Labels

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Canning Labels

Canning labels are typically used for the cans of all types, such as, the soft drinks, food cans, medicines or so on. The labels on the cans can be used to display the name and details of stuff inside it, brand name, the manufacturer, the country of make, manufacturing / expiry date, safety precautions, warranty, ingredients of the stuff inside it if food / medicine product and so on. offers the six different styles and designs of the can labels which are; round, Die-Cut, oval, custom, rectangular and square. The designs of the labels can be printed in any color, in any shape and in any size, depending upon the Marketing plan & mix of the company of the marketing of that specific product.

Different type of material can be applied to print the can labels. Particularly, paper (superfine, shining white/colored, glazed or laminated paper), soft / hard cardboard, UV coated material, clear transparent / white Vinyl plastic can be used for the printing of the canning labels.

Similarly, a different combination of the colors, most suitable and appropriately feasible colors is selected for the printing of the labels for the cans. For the food product of famous brands, labels are printed with full, bright, lively, eye-catching and vibrant colors while for the other cans, CMYK basic colors are also in use. For the cans of food products, printing is done on embossed / stamped colors whereas for the very costly, high-priced or luxury products, the Gold / silver or other metal foiled materials are used to print labels.

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