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Window Labels

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Window Labels

Window labels are a popular way to publicize and to get the sale promotion by applying these labels on the window, doors or other such places the business. It may be used to invite the street window shoppers to come inside the shop or business center to see the products and to make purchases. These are also used to warn the passerby not to touch the window, door, glass wall or other places. They are typically printed for the transparent glass or other types of objects. offers different types and designs of the labels for use on windows, such as, custom, round, square, rectangular, oval and Die-Cut and can be printed in any shape, size or color, depending upon the Marketing plan of the customer company.

Labels for the window can be printed on a large range of available material, starting from paper, cardboard, UV coated material or clear transparent / white Vinyl plastic. If the labels are to be used outdoor, different kind of printing material is to be used while for the indoor the printing is made on another type of material. For the outdoor usage, the label must be strong, water and harsh weather resistant while for the inside usage, the rather high quality of the material is to be applied.

Similarly, the images and the text message must be printed with the different color combination, starting from, full, bright, sharp, attractive or eye-catching colors, to the CMYK basic colors. Embossing or stamping is to be done only those types of the labels where a touch of the hand is required.

After printing the cheap and quality window labels, the consignment is to be shipped to you, free, safe, in time or prompt, within the United Kingdom, regardless of the size or weight of the consignment.         

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