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Packaging Labels

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Packaging Labels

Packaging labels are typically used by the manufacturers, assemblers, wholesalers, some of the retailers, gift shop retailers, distance marketers, online sellers and some of the courier companies. These labels used to display the details of the luggage inside the package, sender, recipient, instructions to deliver the parcel, instructions to return the package if undelivered some other required safety measures. Some of the package labels are printed as outlines to be filled in by the dispatcher, manually or with the help of a printer. Some of the labels are printed as a outline with the address of the sender at the bottom of the labels and instructions to return the package if undelivered. offers the six following types of designs for the customers to select for printing the packaged labels in any color, shape or design: square, round, oval, custom, rectangular and Die-Cut.

The material for the printing of the labels depends upon the requirements of the customer. Typically, the tough, strong, durable, long-lasting, moist / water resistant and harsh weather bearable (specific to harsh winter, heat or rainy season) material are used for the printing of the labels for packaging. Paper (good quality and thick), cardboard, UV coated material or in rare cases, clear transparent /white Vinyl plastic is used for the printing. The text is printed on the packaging labels with CMYK basic colors.                   

As the packaging label is not a marketing tools, every customer may demand cheaper yet durable label and after complying the instructions, the printed consignment is shipped, free, to the customer within the United Kingdom; regardless of the size and the weight of the consignment. 

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