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Foiled Labels

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Foiled Labels

Foiled labels are typically printed on the foiled material and are used for the special type of products. These labels are printed on the foiled material, such as, Gold, silver or metal foil labels which are used with the objective of printing long lasting, strong, delicate, displaying extravagance, to be affixed on high-priced or luxury products. Foiled gold / silver labels are also printed on foiled material in order to protect them from the harsh weather or the water/rain. Gold / Silver foiled materials, when pasted, add the value of the product. Gold / Silver products are particularly used for the jewelry items. six types and designs of the labels, which are; oval, rectangular, square, custom, round and Die-Cut and can be printed in any color, any size or any shape but as per Marketing plan of the company.

Image and text are printed on the foiled material with the best combination of colors keeping in view the high-priced products for which they are printed. Color selection for the printing on the foiled material is usually done with contrast colors on it. Uses of full, bright, shining, glowing, eye-catching, vibrant and lively colors to print the labels add the value of the product. But in rare cases, CMYK basic colors are also used. Embossed and stamped process in the printing increase the beauty, attractiveness and eye-catching ability of the product so the products which are wide applied in the printing of labels for sold on the show room racks product.   

Cheap and best quality printed foiled labels are shipped, free, within the United Kingdom, regardless of the size, weight or value of the consignment.

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