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Nutraceutical Product Labels

Nutraceutical Product Labels

Nutraceutical product labels are those kind of labels which are attached to the nutrition related items. These labels can be used on items like supplements, energy tablet as well as energy drinks. The labels for these nutrition products must be printed from such material that it doesn’t react and effect the chemical combination of the original item.

The nutraceutical labels are usually printed from paper material to keep them simple but, you can also choose to have them printed in plastic material. The plastic material is available in two types, vinyl which is transparent while the PVC can have any color.

These labels can be printed in different kind of shapes including custom to add any text while the die-cut is useful to have any kind of personalized shape printed. The standard shapes like rectangle, circle, square and oval are also offered.

You can also choose to have your labels customized by getting them embossed or stamped with your logo. Gold and silver shining can also be added to get shine on your labels while UC coating will add an extra layer of protection.

The nutraceutical labels can be printed in colors by using the full-color which can also be used to have any kind of image printed on the labels. The labels for nutrition products can also be pre-glued from a back which means they are readily available for use on your items.

All the nutraceutical product labels printed from us are in premium quality material but, we offer the cheapest rates to our customers. You can also choose to get the labels delivered to any address in the United Kingdom without any incurring charges.

Nutraceutical Product Labels

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