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Correction Labels

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Correction Labels

Correction labels are special types of labels which are used to correct any mistake of language or any other type which is costly to correct. So, appropriate label is affixed on the place of a mistake to correct the mistake. Such labels may be printed on the same material as the previous one and with the similar color and text combination. One of the two strategies followed is to print only that mistake or the second one is to print one new label in such a way to present a new style. offers six differ styles of the labels which are used to correct the mistakes of the companies which are; round, oval, rectangular, Die-Cut, custom and square and be printed in any color, shape or size as per Marketing plan of the customer.

 A large variety of materials are available to print labels but usually, the material used for the printing of the correction labels is usually the same as the original and previous one. Selection can be made from the different varieties of paper, cardboard; UV coated material and clear transparent / white Vinyl plastic.

Similarly, the images and/or text is printed with the similar combination of colors, as the previous one, but for the new replacing correcting labels, full, bright, sharp and vibrant colors are used as were used in the previous labels, which are subject to correction.

To add novelty to hide some previous mistake, some touch of embossed and / stamped technique can be applied.

Cheap yet best quality printed labels are shipped, free, to the customer within the United Kingdom, regardless of the size and weight of the consignment.   

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