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The cosmetic labels are that kind of labels which can be printed for use on cosmetic and beauty products. The cosmetic products, on which the labels can be used include lotions, lipsticks, hair gel, powder and more.

The labels for cosmetic products must be a product in such a way that they don’t react with the beauty material inside them. The labels must also be produced in such a way that they match with the packaging and container on the product.

You can choose to have your cosmetic product labels printed from material like paper, vinyl, and plastic. The paper material can ensure that all your products look classic while also keeping the simple look. Vinyl and plastic material can be used to have your labels printed in solid colors and transparent items respectively.

The cosmetic item labels can be used in different shapes including square, rectangle, round, oval, custom and die-cut. The custom allows having any kind of text printed while the die-cut can print any kind of shape.

Additional detailing like emboss and stamping can be used to achieve a unique look while the foiling can also be done in gold or silver. The UV coating can be used to protect your cosmetic labels from scratches.

The labels printed by us are in full-color which means you can have any kind of color or image printed on the labels to make sure that your labels look similar to your packaging.

All the ordered items from us can be shipped to your address anywhere in the United Kingdom with guaranteed on-time delivery.

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