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Soap Labels

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Soap Labels

Soap labels are printed, specifically, for the soaps of all types and qualities of the soaps, such as, beauty soaps, dish washing soaps, soaps used for industrial soaps, fabric washing soaps and soaps to be used at public places. One common feature of all types of the soaps labels is the water resistant material, in consistent with the color or the fragrance of the soap bar or the soap container. Material to be used, typically, must be shining, bright, or eye-catching as the soap is a product which is sold on the counter and showroom rack.    offers six different types and designs of the labels for soaps, such as, rectangular, Die-Cut, custom, oval, round and square and can be ordered by you in any color, any size of any shape, depending upon the quality of the labels and its specific usage.

A wide variety and range of material can be applied to print the soap labels, such as, paper (superfine, strong, water resistant, glazed and laminated), soft / hard cardboard, UV coated material or clear transparent / white Vinyl plastic (for some soaps) but all materials are to be water insoluble. Similarly, the images and text on the labels are printed with a wide range of the full, bright, shining, attractive, lively, vibrant and glowing colors with characteristic to appear more lively in water. Usage of embossing or stamping is a norm and widely applied process in the soap industry while some of the superb, high-priced, costly, brands of high-class or soaps in the use of some world class celebrity can be printed on the Gold / Silver foiled material to appeal to the public at large.

After the printing of preferably cheap yet best quality labels, the shipment is made to you, free, within the United Kingdom, regardless of the size of the consignment.     

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