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Block-out vinyl labels

Want to hide some printing error, or some private information from your product and still don’t want to compromise on the beauty? The block-out vinyl labels are best for you as they provide dual purposes including labeling as well as hiding the information beneath them.

The blocking labels must be printed from such material which is durable and also have solid colors to prevent the information beneath them to be seen. The vinyl printed block out labels are printed from high quality material to ensure that the labels are durable enough so, they are not removed easily while they are also waterproof.

The block vinyl printed labels can also be used to hide defects in the material of packaging or even the printing defects.

Our printed block-out vinyl’s can be printed in different shapes where you can select from standard, square, rectangle and oval ones. The custom labels can be used to have the labels printed with your desired text on them while the die-cut enables us to have the labels printed in unique shape.

All our blocking vinyl labels are pre-glued on back to ensure that your labels are ready to be used. You can also consult our team of professional designers to get your perfect design printed without paying any extra free. The designers will ensure that your desired ideas are selected as design and if you do not approve the design then, the labels are not send for printing.

We provide the cheapest printing rates for block-out vinyl labels and the free shipping services ensure that all our labels can be shipped to our customers at cheapest rates.

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