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Household Labels

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Household Labels

Household labels are used in widest and most dense product market of household consumers. Nearly every product in use in the daily life need one or other type of labels, such, to indicate its name, brand, country / company of make, specific usage in daily life, using / operating instructions, warranty, safety / protection instructions, manufacturing / expiry dates, ingredients or any other legally required instructions. offers different types, styles and designs of labels to print labels in any color, any shape or any size. The different designs are; rectangular, square, round, oval, Die-Cut or custom and the customer can get the labels printed as per marketing plan.

Wide variety of material is typically used for the labels, ranging from the paper (soft, white, colored, superfine, glazed, laminated and all other varieties), soft / hard cardboard, UV coated material, clear transparent / white Vinyl plastic, PVC plastic or metals; all the materials are used to print labels for the household products. The simple is the principle; higher the price of the product, higher the cost of the label.

Similarly, the images and text are printed with all combinations of colors, such as, the full, bright, sharp, shining, glowing, lively, vibrant, eye-catching while, in some cases, CMYK basic colors are also used to print the household labels. Again the choice of colors depends upon nature, usage, the target market of the product or price of the product. Embossed and stamped material is also used for the products of children market or some other consumer goods market while Gold / silver foiled material is also used for the high-priced and luxury products.  

After the printing of cheap and quality labels, the free shipment is made within the United Kingdom, regardless of the size or the weight of the product.   

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